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 Academic Calendar

Term Dates Academic Calendar


Preparatory Session
Aug. 16 Check in the Dormitory & GMPA Orientation
Medical Check-up at Gwanak-ku’s Office
(only for those from particular countries)
Aug. 17 ~ Aug. 31 Preparatory session
Seoul Immigration Office for Alien Registration
Fall Semester
(12 credits, 4 courses)
Sep. 01 ~ Dec. 14 Fall Semester
Winter Semester
(3 credits, 1 course)
Dec. 22 ~ Jan. 25 Winter Semester
Jan. 28 ~ Feb. 03 Course Registration for Spring Semester
Spring Semester
(9 credits, 4 courses)
Mar. 02 ~ Jun. 12 Spring Semester
Mar. 03 Qualification Test for Writing a Thesis
Apr. 30 Application for Writing a Thesis and Submission of Thesis Essentials
May. 15 Application for Preliminary Thesis Examination (Oral Defense)
and Submission of Thesis Proposal
May. 30 Preliminary Thesis Examination (Oral Defense)
Summer Semester
(3 credits, 1 course)
Jun. 20 ~ Jul. 31 Summer Semester
Jul. 27~ Aug. 03 Course Registration for Fall Semester

Fall Semester
(6 credits, 2 courses)

Sep. 01 ~ Dec. 12 Fall Semester
Sep. 30 Submission of Confirmation of Interim Thesis Examination
Nov. 07 Submission of Thesis Final Version
Nov. 14 Final Thesis Examination (Oral Defense)
Dec. 15 Departure
Spring Semester
Mar. ~ Jun. 2018 Thesis Revision under Professor’s Supervision and completion in Home Country
(if required)
 Qualifying Examination for Writing a Master’s Thesis

1. The examination is held in the first week of March and September every year.
2. The examination is intended to test basic knowledge and skills in the field of research method and public administration.
3. The examination hour is 90 minutes for research method and 120 minutes for public administration.
4. Students must obtain minimum 60 out of 100 which is the combined score of research method and public administration to pass the examination.


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