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Dear GMPA Friends

                                                                                                                                            April 28, 2015

Dear GMPA Friends,


It has been two days since the tragic earthquake hit Nepal. When we heard about the news, we were completely

shocked. Nepal used to be a remote country to most of us, but it is no longer so because we now have our friends

and their family and relatives there. We are very much relieved to hear that Hari (Class 1), Binod (Class 2)

and their family, and Jaya (Class 4)’s family are all safe and fine. We are checking on Shiva (Class 3).

Jaya is with us right now and is in good spirit. We feel terrible that the number of casualties is rising.

Hopefully the rescue missions will save more lives and things will get back to normal soon.


On our side, the SNU GMPA program will do our best to help relieve the pains and sufferings of the Nepalese.

Let's stand together to help our friends who are in dire need. Please keep showing your solidarity with your GMPA



Hari, Binod, Shiva and Jaya, please stay strong and we will pray for you.




GMPA Program team

Huck-ju Kwon

Min Gyo Koo

Kilkon Ko

Yongmi Lee





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