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I. 2016 Global Master of Public Administration Program Information for International Applicants


○ Program Title : Global Master of Public Administration (GMPA)

○ Duration

  • August 16, 2016 ~ December 15, 2017 (16 months study in Korea)  -  During 16 months in SNU, students are recommended to complete a master's thesis. 
  • March 2018 ~ June 2018 (Thesis revision in home country IF REQUIRED)

○ Application Eligibility

* Language: English fluency that requires no translation

  • Be a citizen of the country which has a cooperative relationship with KOICA.
  • Be a government/municipality official or a researcher / an instructor in state institute working in his/her home country with a Bachelor’s Degree or higher (Private sector employees are not eligible).
  • Have a good command of both spoken and written English to take classes conducted entirely in English and to be able to write academic reports and theses in English.
  • Be preferably under 40 years of age in good health, both physically and mentally, to complete the program.
  • Pregnancy is regarded as a disqualifying condition for participation in this program.
  • Having Tuberculosis or any kind of contagious disease is regarded as a disqualifying condition for participation in this program.
  • Not be a person who has withdrawn from KOICA’s scholarship program.
  • Person belonging to the institution in which candidates submitted false documents and returned to his/her country arbitrarily in the middle of SP program cannot be applied.
  • Have not participated in KOICA’s scholarship program or any of the Korean government’s Scholarship Program before (Master's degree program). 

○ Admission Decision Process

  • Admission decisions will be made based on overall evaluation of the applications; applicant’s academic achievements, potential and personal accomplishments.
  • Admission decision procedures consist of  * Round 1: Evaluation of Application Package * Round 2: Essay Test and Interview (by SKYPE or telephone)
  • The admission committee reviews a number of factors; applicant’s university academic records such as Grade Point Average (GPA), study plan, and personal statement, and letters of recommendation in the Round 1.
  • The successful applicants in the Round 1 will be invited to the essay test and SKYPE interview.
  • Successful applicants will be selected from those who obtain more than 60 out of 100: application (50) and SKYPE interview and essay test (50). 

○ Admission Timetable for 2016 Fall Admission

  •  Closing Date for Application: February 29 (Mon), 2016
  •  Document Review: March 15 ((Tue) ~ March 31 (Thu), 2016
  •  Essay Test and Interview: April 18 (Mon) ~ April 29 (Fri), 2016
  •  Medical Check-up for Successful Candidates: May 16 (Mon) ~ June 17 (Fri), 2016 (in home country)
  •  Final Admission Notification: June 24 (Fri), 2016
  •  Arrival in Korea and go to the ICC of KOICA: August 10 (Wed), 2016
  •  Move to the Dormitory of Seoul National University: August 16 (Tue), 2016

 * The scheduled dates above are subject to change.

○  Checklist of Documents to Be Submitted

  • KOICA Application Form (KOICA Application Form.doc)
  • Seoul National University Form 1: (SNU Application Form.doc)
  • Seoul National University Form 2: (Personal Statement and Study Plan.doc)
  • Seoul National University Form 3-1 and Form 3-2 : Recommendation from two different professors with stamp or signature on the sealed envelope by recommender.  
  • Official Bachelor's Transcript and Degree/or Graduation Certificate Transcripts and Certificates from Chinese universities MUST be accompanied by verification from the China Academics Degree &Graduate Education Development Center  *  Refer to the website
  • A copy of the Applicant's Passport (or other official document indicating your nationality)
  • Copies of Parents' passports (or other official document indicating parents' nationality such as Identification Card)
  • Official document indicating parent-child relationship between the applicant and parents: Applicant's Birth Certificate or Household Register proving the parent-child relationship
  • Financial Certification Form 4 (Financial Certification.doc)
  • Seoul National University Form 5: Verification of Academic Record Print out the form and sign your name on the Letter of Agreement. Do not fill out the Verification Report portion.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Certificate of Employment (if applicable)
  • Certificate proving English Proficiency: Please submit a score report of a recognized English Proficiency Test such as TOEFL, TEPS, IELTS or any other supporting documents which demonstrate appropriate English language proficiency.

*ALL documents should be TYPED in ENGLISH.

○ Important Notes for All Applicants

  • All documents including KOICA and SNU forms should be typed in English.
  • If a document is written in any other language, you must submit a notarized/certified translation (either in English or in Korean) completed by a public notary in the country in which the document was originally produced.
  • If any of the submitted materials contains false information, admission will be rescinded.
  • Original documents should be submitted. Should they be unavailable, however, copies must be authorized by the originating institution before they are submitted.
  • Applicants whose forms and supporting documents are incomplete or unsatisfactory will be disqualified from the admission process.
  • Be sure to make and keep the photocopies of all the completed forms. Submitted documents become property of SNU and will not be returned to the applicants.
  • Verification of Academic Record form will be a part of the application.
  • Detailed account of individual admission decision for each applicant cannot be disclosed.
  • Please be sure that, in principle, any modification or cancellation will not be accepted after completing the application.
  • Applicants should take full responsibility for the disadvantage due to any mistake or omission on the application.
  • Applicants, who transferred during their prior course of studies, must submit their full complete academic records from all the applicable institution including Transcripts and Certificate of Graduation/attendance.

II. 2016 Global Master of Public Administration Program Information for Korean Applicants


○ Program Title : Global Master of Public Administration (GMPA)

○ Duration

  • August 16, 2016 ~ July 2017 (12 months study in Korea) During 12 months in SNU, students are strongly recommended to complete a master's thesis.
  • August 2017 ~ June 2018 (12 months study overseas)
  • Students continue their study in one of our collaborating universities of their choice, the world class universities that have signed a MOU with our school, for the following year to earn joint MPA degrees. 

* The list of our collaborating universities (as of January 2016)

  • School of Public Environmental Affairs, Indiana University of Bloomington, USA
  • School of Public Affairs and Administration, Rutgers University, USA
  • Maxwell School, Syracuse University, USA
  • Sol Price School of Public Policy, University of Southern California, USA
  • Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke University, USA
  • School of Public Affairs, Arizona State University, USA
  • School of Public and International Affairs, University of Georgia, USA**
  • Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh, USA**
  • Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University, Japan**  (**in progress) 

○ Admission Decision Process

○ Admission Timetable for 2016 Fall Admission

  • Online Application: April 18 (Mon) 10:00 ~ April 22 (Fri) 17:00, 2016
  • Submission of Documents: April 25 (Mon) 17:00, 2016
  • Announcement of Successful Candidates for Interview: May 6 (Fri) 17:00, 2016
  • Interview: May 13 (Fri): To be confirmed.
  • Announcement of Admission Decision: June 9 (Thu) 18:00, 2016
  • Registration: August 1 (Mon) 10:00 ~ August 5 (Fri) 16:00, 2016

* The scheduled dates above are subject to change. 


★ For more information, including downloadable application forms, please refer to SNU Admission Website (



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